Sclerotherapy For Treatment Of Leg Veins

Sclerotherapy is a non-surgical cosmetic treatment for leg veins. It involves an injection of a sclerosing agent into the veins, which irritates the vessels, causing them to collapse shut and become less noticeable. The procedure typically takes 30-60 minutes. When a problem vein is closed off with sclerotherapy, the blood will re-route through the normal veins and flow much more efficiently. The effects of sclerotherapy are long-lasting though the treatment is not able to prevent new veins from becoming visible.


Before sclerotherapyAfter sclerotheraphy






Before                                                         After
Sclerotherapy can help reduce the appearance of veins on thighs and lower legs.  * Individual results may vary.

How is Sclerotherapy performed?

The skin is cleansed with an antiseptic. A special light is used to illuminate the vessels under the skin. A small needle is inserted into the vein and the sclerosing agent is injected.

Schlerotherapy procedure illustration

During sclerotherapy leg veins and identified and using a fine needle a small amount of a sclerosing agent is injected into the vein.

After injection of sclerosing agent vein illustration

After injection of the sclerosing agent the vein collapses and is no longer visible.

Am I a good candidate?

Sclerotherapy can be performed on all skin types. If you have varicose veins that typically bulge or are causing pain or discomfort, they should be treated before sclerotherapy is done. Our trained staff will personally assess you to determine whether you are a good candidate for sclerotherapy.

How many treatments will I need?

Results are unique to each individual depending on several factors including the extent and size of the veins being treated. Typically multiple treatments are necessary for optimal results. Treatments should be performed at intervals of 6 weeks.


Before sclerotherapy legAfter sclerotherapy leg






Before                                                         After
Sclerotherapy can help reduce the appearance of veins on knees and lower legs.  * Individual results may vary.

Are treatments painful?

There is a slight sting associated with each injection and there may be some mild burning or itching. Most patients find the discomfort of treatment to be minimal. No surgical incisions are made and anesthesia is not necessary. When a problem vein is closed off with sclerotherapy, the blood will re-route through the normal veins and flow much more efficiently.

What should I expect after Sclerotherapy?

Activity is restricted to walking only for one week. Compression stockings are worn for the first 24 hours then daily for one week.

Treated areas may be red and swollen. The treated veins will look worse before they begin to look better. When the compression stockings are removed, you may notice bruising and reddish areas at the injection sites.

What are the risks of Sclerotherapy?

A complication of sclerotherapy is brown spots or pigmentation changes in the skin. These often fade with time or may be lightened with laser treatments. Other more serious risk include the formation of blood clots in the veins, severe inflammation, adverse allergic reactions to the sclerosing solution and skin injury or ulceration that could leave a small but permanent scar.

I am interested! What do I do next?

If you are considering Sclerotherapy we encourage you to complete this Injectables Inquiry Form. During the complimentary consultation we will assess your leg veins and will tell you whether you are a suitable candidate for sclerotherapy as well as inform you of the alternatives and potential risks of the procedure. 

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