Full Face Rejuvenation

The best and most natural results in facial rejuvenation are typically the result of a number of carefully planned procedures done in symphony, like a perfect recipe.  Surgery alone is rarely the answer since it only addresses sagging but doesn't address loss of volume or loss of skin elasticity.  

How does the face age?

1. Sagging - as we age, our skin and other soft tissues lose elasticity and give in to gravity. This causes sagging of the neck and jaw line as well as loose folds of skin around the mouth. 

2. Volume loss - with age, most of us lose fat from our upper face, particularly the upper cheeks and temples.  There is also loss of skin collagen thickness, muscle mass, and bone mass which affects the shape of our face. This volume loss accentuates the sagging of the face.

3. Loss of skin elasticity -   starting in our 40's most of us lose collagen at the rate of 1% per year and in some at even a higher rate.  Women who go through menopause will notice a significant change in the quality of their skin.


The Naficy approach to Full Face Rejuvenation

With over 20 years of experience in facial rejuvenation surgery, we approach the face in a 'big picture' and comprehensive manner to produce reasults that are natural, harmonious, and aesthetically pleasing. Our secret recipe is a careful blend of multiple procedures that lift sagging tissues, add volume where it is needed, and restore skin tone and elasticity, all without doing any one procedure in excess.

The key point to understand is that full facial rejuvenation is not the same for all patients.  This is a very important point and worth repeating - no two patients will need the exact same set of facial rejuvenation procedures.  Every person has a unique anatomy with a unique set of issues that are different from all others.  Our key to successful facial rejuvenation over the past 20 years hase been the ability to come up with a customized plan for each patient.



Full Face Rejuvenation by Sam Naficy, MD.  * Individual results may vary.

Looking Better not just Younger

Sometimes our patients don't just want to look younger but also better by correcting features of their face that have always bothered them. This is an ideal time to combine facial rejuvenation with facial enhancement procedures such as rhinoplasty or a chin implant.



Full Face Rejuvenation by Sam Naficy, MD.  * Individual results may vary.


What is the best age for a Full Face Rejuvenation?

The short answer is that it depends on the person. Some of our patients can benefit from a full face rejuvenation in their 40s or 50s where as others not for another decade or two. One cannot over emphasize the principle that every face is unique and must be approached in a customized way. 


Full Face Rejuvenation by Sam Naficy, MD.  * Individual results may vary.


Does a Full Face Rejuvenation always require a face lift?

Not all patients require a face lift to achieve a balanced and harmonious full face rejuvenation. The fact is that full facial rejuvenation is not the same for all patients. There are frequent instances where full facial rejuvenation can be performed without performing a facelift.  All the examples below are cases where full facial rejuvenation was accomplished without perfroming a facelift.


Full Face Rejuvenation without a face lift by Sam Naficy, MD.  * Individual results may vary.



Full Face Rejuvenation without a face lift by Sam Naficy, MD.  * Individual results may vary.



Full Face Rejuvenation without a face lift by Sam Naficy, MD.  * Individual results may vary.


What type of Anesthesia is used?

Full Facial Rejuvenation is typically performed under general anesthesia, under the care of an experienced anesthesia provider. In addition to the anesthesia, numbing medication is used in the face to ensure that you are comfortable when wake up from the procedure. When the procedure is finished, the anesthesia medication is discontinued and you begin to wake up. The medications used for anesthesia tend clear the system rather quickly, and most of our patients are able to go home an hour after the procedure is completed. Our anesthesia team has over 50 years of combined experience providing advanced anesthesia and all of our anesthesia providers are also on staff at the University of Washington or other regional medical centers.

Anesthesia guidelines [21kb PDF]

What is the recovery like?

There is usually some tightness around the ears and jaw-line after the surgery. This can be controlled with prescription pain medication along with Tylenol. A fluffy bandage dressing is worn for 1-2 days. Discoloration and swelling around the face and neck, when present, will usually improve in 1-2 weeks and allow return to work and social activities.

Post-operative care instructions [17kb PDF]

Contact us for a personalized consultation

If you are considering this procedure we encourage you to complete this Surgical Consultation Intake Form to hear back from us. There is great variety in features of the aging face and neck so that each procedure must be custom tailored for the best possible result. 

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