Mar 31

Naficy Rejuvenation Center

Advantages of Fat Grafting over Fillers

by Naficy Rejuvenation Center

  1. Natural Results: Fat grafting involves transferring the patient's own fat to the desired area, which results in a more natural-looking outcome as compared to synthetic fillers. Synthetic fillers can sometimes look obvious and give an artificial appearance.
  2. Longer-lasting Results: Fat grafting typically provides longer-lasting results than synthetic fillers. The fat that is transferred during the procedure becomes a permanent part of the patient's body, while synthetic fillers typically require touch-up treatments every 6-12 months to maintain their effects.

  3. Reduced Risk of Allergic Reactions: Since fat grafting involves using the patient's own body tissues, there is a reduced risk of allergic reactions or adverse events that can occur with synthetic fillers.

  4. Versatility: Fat grafting can be used to restore volume in multiple areas of the face such as cheeks, temples, jawline, and lips. In contrast, synthetic fillers are typically designed for use in specific areas, which may not be suitable for all patients.

  5. Improved Skin Quality: In addition to adding volume to the face, fat grafting can also improve skin quality via stem cells present in fat which promote collagen production and improve skin texture. Synthetic fillers do not have this additional benefit.


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